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I Bent My Wookiee Progression
Karaggas Palace (Hard)
  Bonethrasher Farm
  Foreman Crusher Farm
  G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator Farm
  Jarg and Sorno Farm
  Karagga the Unyielding Farm
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I Bent My Wookiee has merged with the Dark Eclipse guild on Jedi Covenant. Please visit to be invited to guild if you are a former I Bent My Wookiee guild member.

Welcome to the I Bent My Wookiee guild website! We are a guild that is based around teamwork. We value the idea of working together for a common goal, such as leveling, raiding, PvE and PvP. A guild is strongest when it works together for a common goal, and that is our philosophy that we adhere to.
Our guild is located on the US Eastern PvE server Jedi Covenant.

I Bent My Wookiee is a guild for pretty much anyone. We have members who are working towards end game content (Operations/Flashpoints), some focused on PvP, and others just taking it easy doing things the way they want (as long as it falls into our Code of Conduct). You don't have to PvP or run Operations/Flashpoints to be a member of I Bent My Wookiee!

Please feel free to submit an application and an Officer will review and get back to you as soon as possible!

Guild Information
Guild Name: I Bent My Wookiee
Allegiance: Sith Empire
Server Type: PvE (US-East)
Server Name: Jedi Covenant
Play Time: CST/EST
Play Type: PvE, Raiding, PvP, Casual
Player Types: All
Voip: Ventrilo
Guild News

Guild Merger

Ocili, Jul 13, 12 12:24 PM.
Please see the important announcement in the Public Recruitment Forums concerning a guild merger.

IMPORTANT: Server Transfers!

Ocili, Jun 20, 12 9:03 AM.
As some of you know, I Bent My Wookiee has transferred over to the Jedi Covenant server as part of the free server transfers to "mega servers". In order for us to transfer the guild bank, we have to disband the guild on Shii-Cho and submit a CS ticket so they can grant us our bank back. This means that I will be removing anyone left in the guild that hasn't transferred. When you transfer to Jedi Covenant, do a /who I Bent My Wookiee or search for anyone of us to get an invite back!

High Councilor Ocili

Wookiee Team 6

Ocili, Apr 24, 12 10:10 AM.
Congrats to Wookiee Team 6 for last night 8m NM EC 3/4! We had a couple of attempts at Warlord Keephas and will take him down next time! Looking forward to moving into HM.

Ops Group 13

Ocili, Apr 15, 12 10:42 PM.
Congrats for the first I Bent My Wookiee HM Soa kill! We finally took that ********* down!

16m Normal Mode

Ocili, Mar 31, 12 9:16 AM.
Congrats to everyone last night for 5/5 EV and 3/5 KP 16m Normal Mode! We had a successful run and another first for I Bent My Wookiee!
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Population: Light
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